Lavender Organizes Professional Organizing Service 

For busy professionals and parents

We provide assistance in organizing your home, through decluttering , sorting and dropping off your donations. Along, with personal shopping of organize items such as baskets and bins to keep your home functional and organized, our team is ready to help you!

Locations Alexandria, VA , Arlington, VA , Falls Church, VA,  

Washington DC , Northern, VA, Maryland , Worldwide

I’m Lavender Menakaya, I enjoy sorting, categorizing and finding functional ways to  organize anything.  I have 10 years of expertise,  elite listening skills and a no judgement zone. I offer understanding, compassion and 100% confidence in helping you accomplish your goal. I provide a high level of professionalism that my current clients are extremely appreciative of.

I am very grateful to share my knowledge with many people in need of help.

Clients Success "Pantry" After & Before Photo

Clients Success "Linen Closet" After & Before

Clients Success "Closet" After & Before Photo

Clients Success "Garage" After & Before

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"Lavender is amazing! I called from Seattle to see if she could help my mom (who is older) unpack and organize her new condo. She squeezed me into a slot the next day! She came right on time and in just a short time had my mom's kitchen all set up in a thoughtful way. Plus, she has tons of good resources and ideas that my mom can apply on her own. We'll be asking her to come back and work on some other rooms. Lavender has great skills and a positive energy, can't recommend highly enough."
~Sandy S

Lavender did an amazing job organizing our garage! We had a new baby and moved into a new house all within a few months and the garage was a mess. She was able to organize all of the clutter without a ton of direction from me other than just telling her I wanted it organized. She also worked in the freezing cold but still took her time to make sure the whole garage was perfect. Never rushed through anything. So happy with her work and can’t wait to use her again for other areas in our house!
~Alexa T

Absolutely amazing progress made on my hoarded home office and bedroom. Bags of donations and even more of trash out the door leaving me with strategies to continue my progress. Lavender is great to work with and really listened to what I needed. Couldn't be more pleased with the results. I've already signed up for more!
~Deborah W

Choose The Best Local Package For You
Northern Virginia, Washington D.C. and Maryland


1 organizer-$85/Hour  

Please include the hours in a note on the form of payment.

Forms of Payment:

VENMO: Lavender-Menakaya

PayPal: lavie1985


Name: Chinamelum Menakaya

Phone number: 304-320-5595
Email: [email protected]

Travel Organizing Expenses 

Fees for travel time flying and/or driving, for “each” Organizer. Your package discount will be applied to these hours, i.e. 5% off, 7% off, 10% off.

• Navigation/Travel expense to be paid: Gas, flights, parking fees/Uber to airport, rental car (must include collision and damage coverage), etc.
• Overnight accommodations: Hotel or Airbnb (separate room for each Organizer). Must include a kitchenette, bathroom with at least a fridge and microwave.
• Meals to be paid
• Non-travel days require a minimum of 6 working hours, maximum of 8
• Should the client require that an Organizer work more than 12 hours in one non-travel day, or 40 hours in one calendar week, the rate will be time and a half for all overtime hours.
• For jobs over seven days, we require a half day off to recharge (unpaid). For jobs longer than 10 days, two half days, or one full day, off for every 10 days ;)

”All the above being travel expenses, overnight accommodations, meals will be paid/reimbursed by client.”
“All the above will be eloquently planned so that the client understands fully”

If the project is much bigger, and will be longer then 2 weeks (12 days)

please purchase any number of hours at our regular rate.

The Standard Hourly Rate is $100/Organizer

All packages and timeframes are subject to availability.

One “day” of work is 8 hours of work.

Additional hours may be purchased at discounted package rate  (i.e. 5% to 7%off).

Number of areas for each package is approximate;  we are unable to provide a guarantee on how many areas will be completed. But if we’re given enough time, we can guarantee a significant transformation!

Concerning the shopping for organizing supplies. Along with purchases for organizing like baskets and bins. Purchased items is not included.

3rd Party Services may include electrician handyman services, packing material removal, furniture assembly, artwork hanging & more  (i.e. Dolly, TaskRabbit, etc.).

All packages also include client communication between & off sessions and space planning for project areas at no added cost.

Packages must be paid in full to secure discounted rates and a spot on The Lavender Organizes Calendar.

My daughter and I live in a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom home. When I reached out to Lavender I was overwhelmed by how much stuff I had accumulated before the pandemic but even more so during the pandemic. Being a union organizer and a community activist meant that I needed to bring two offices home during the pandemic. I had zero time or energy to organize or declutter by myself and honestly did not know where to start, it was overwhelming. Not to mention I have absolutely no talent for designing or organizing. So I took a chance on Lavender and she pretty much feels like one of the family now. For the last three months she has not only dramatically changed my home but also the quality of our lives.

Her encouragement to let go of things that no longer served us and to include and embrace the things that did made every space feel like a breath of fresh air. She has a keen eye for capturing a vision for a space not just visually but also functionally.

She is very dedicated, confident, has great attention to detail and is a real genuine down to earth person. My house looks and feels amazing and it feels brand new. Part of the reason it went so well and the spaces captured exactly what I needed is because of how quickly Lavender learned what I like and what I needed. I can't think of a professional that I have worked with who has been better. There's no reason to look for another organizer.

Lavender is it! 

April Goggans, Union Organizer

Chinamelum Menakaya


Lavender is a high-end professional organizer and is committed to providing you with an opulent home through her de-cluttering and organizing services. She found her calling at a young age, and she started Lavender Organizes in 2018 to share her talents with others. She brings years of experience and attention to detail to her work to provide her clients with individualized results. She’ll organize any room in your home and donate your unwanted items, leaving you with an inviting, pleasant, and balanced space. Remember, your space affects your mood and energy levels, so a room that is organized can be both inviting and inspiring.

For over 5 years, as a trained organizer, I have transformed various types of homes and living spaces that range from chaos to composed; creating an ORGANIZED life is essential! I work with any sized project! My flexibility allows me to work with your Schedule! Additionally, I can provide Personalized Shopping Assistance.
Lavender would like to note that the service she provides as a home organizer is beneficial and healthy for the entire household. 

Lavender believes in organizing daily, which results in less clutter build up overtime. Everything should have a place, from small crystals to a book. Keeping the home organized is a service Lavender loves to share and give to others.

Lavender Organizes proudly supports reforestation by making donations to Earth Day. The Earth Day Project plants trees in locations around the world most in need of reforestation.

Lavender was great! I had SO many belongings, mostly kitchen, that she helped organized. She did an incredible job with my kitchen shelf and spices. Lavender gave great advice about shelving and baskets to keep everything organized. She was pricey but definitely worth it. My place definitely would not have been organized without her. Thanks, Lavender!!!!

- Will Stewart 

"Lavender was a pleasure to work with! Not surprisingly, she was organized and punctual in all of our communication, and helped prepare us for a remarkable first session.  I already feel so much better about how my closet and drawers look, and have a great head start on next step.  Lavender makes thoughtful suggestions and communicates clearly without making you feel judged!  We’ll be booking a package of hours with her to tackle the rest of our home."
- Brian Rozental
"My experience working with Lavender have always been awesome. Lavender provides excellent customer service, professional, patient and knowledgeable. It's amazing when Lavender completes her magic everything is in excellent order."
- Jean Hollis
Lavender Organizes believes that living Clutter Free will improve your Mental Health.